Duba and the Cascais Fight Center

The «Community Innovation Projects» – a methodology that the Aga Khan Portugal Foundation has developed and implemented over the years – are opportunities to materialize the ideas that boil in the community. In this video, we share the story of José Barradas (better known as “Duba”) who, after leaving school early, managed to become, three times, European champion of Muay Thai and world champion, in 2012. In 2014 , in an ideas contest promoted by the Aga Khan Foundation, with local partners, Duba (who was already a reference for the youngest in his neighborhood) found the opportunity to move forward with the dream of building a space where children and young people could, together , discover the sport.
Here, a phrase from Duba.

«The aim was to bring the benefits of sport to the children in my neighborhood»

– José Barradas (Duba)