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Essential cookies

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Analysis and personalization cookies

AKF Prt wants the browsing experience on the Website to be as useful, easy and profitable as possible. For this purpose, we use cookies to help us understand how our Website is being used and how we can improve the user experience. These “analysis” cookies can give us anonymous information to help us understand which parts of our website are of most interest to our visitors and whether they have any errors. We use these cookies to test different aspects and features of our Website and to help us monitor how our visitors have accessed our Website.

We also use cookies to store your settings and preferences on our website, such as information you have previously entered when searching for certain options. Some personalization cookies are essential to use certain features of the Website.

The website managed by the Aga Khan Portugal Foundation uses Google services, namely Google Analytics. To view Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, click here.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies help to ensure that the ads you see on our website are as important to you as possible. For example, certain advertising cookies help to select ads based on the user’s interests. Others help prevent the same ad from appearing constantly

We also try to make the user of our Website as easy as possible to share AKF Prt content, namely through his favorite social networks. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, may set cookies that recognize the user when viewing content on our Website and allow him to share content, send and post comments via the sharing settings.

Exemplos (não exaustivo):

Tipos de cookies Para que servem
Facebook AKF Prt utiliza o serviço Facebook para que possa partilhar conteúdos com a sua rede.
Instagram Fundação Aga Khan utiliza o serviço Instagram para que possa partilhar conteúdos com a sua rede.
Pinterest Fundação Aga Khan utiliza o serviço Pinterest para que possa partilhar conteúdos com a sua rede.
Google Analytics Fundação Aga Khan utiliza o serviço Google Analytics para avaliar o seu desempenho online.
Google Adwords Fundação Aga Khan utiliza o serviço Google Adwords para lhe oferecer recomendações sobre conteúdos de acordo com os seus interesses e medir a eficácia das suas campanhas digitais.

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Google Analytics browser “opt-out”

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